Sunday, March 19, 2017

Fahrenheit 451 answers part 2

1) Mildred is afraid getting caught by reading the books while Montag hopes that these books will lead to an understanding.

2) Montag wonders why the war is not discussed among the people in the society, or even on TV. He is also annoyed that they fly overhead constantly, without a moment's rest. But the people of the society believe that the war is nothing to worry about.

3) Professor Faber is a man that Montag met in a park a few years ago which this man gave his number to Montag also.

4) Since Montag was riding on the subway, he finds it very difficult to read the bible since there were advertisements that were too noisy. He then complains out loud which causes people to look at him. This part of the book is a turning point in his life because this is the first time he notices how advertisements or technology can get very annoying,

5) The argument that Faber creates for books is first the quality. He states the book s have quality because they speak both the evils of humanity as well as all the good things humans do. The second thing Faber argues is that the books require leisure. People have to take time to read and digest the books. Lastly, the third argument Faber states is the right to carry out actions based on what we learn from the interaction of the first two.

6) The "small green metal object" is the green bullet that goes in Montag's ear so that Faber can talk to him whenever. It allows Faber to listen in on the conversation that Montag has.

7) The White Clown TV shows the society of people to be mindless drones who are easily and cheaply amused.

8) Mrs. Phelps is carried away by the emotion of the poem because she has never heard a poem or read before. She begins crying, and she is not sure why. She says that she started crying because the poem was bad. She has been conditioned to believe that literature is bad, emotion is bad, and feelinfs is bad.

9) When Montag and Beatty arrive to their destination. Beatty watches Montag like a hawk because he wants to see how Montag will react to the realization that the house the men plan to burn tonight is Montag's. Montag realizes that someone turned him in so his books will be set on fire.

Fahrenheit 451 answers part 1

1) Bradberry starts off the story with, "It was pleasure to burn", to show readers that Montag enjoys and is happy by burning people's homes and books. It's more pleasure to burn books than reading the books because in the time zone of this book, they don't want people to gain more knowledge.

2) Bradberry compares the books to birds because it gives the reader the image of fluttering wings and feathers falling smoothly into the ground. It is a more descriptive way than simply saying "and the books burned."

3) The difference between Montag and Clarisse is that besides Montag actually going outside most of the time, he is curious about books and takes risks which means he is willing to break the rules while Clarisse has no interest in books at all, and would want to stick with the rules so that they won't get caught and killed.

4) In the book, Bradburry predicts that the size of our TV screen would get bigger. Also entering the "play" suggests a prediction that technology would be more interactive. Montag also predicts correctly on how technology can make the relationship of one another difficult.

5) I actually don't know the answer to this one. Oh well, i'll come back to it.

6) I think Bradburry is trying to to show the clear contrast of these two characters. Clarisse is this happy cheerful person while Montag's wife attempts suicide. I also think the author introduces this part of Montag's life because it shows that Montag really isn't happy.

7) All the houses are all fireproof in this book because this book is taking place in the future. And in the future, fireproof houses exits to keep people safe from fires.

8) Mildred required emergency service, for example, the police, ambulance, fire brigade, etc. because Mildred is very unhealthy. She needed her stomach pumped to take out the old blood and replace with it new blood.

9) A mechanical hound is a fake dog which looks real. This dog is made up of copper, brass, and steel. The job of the mechanical hound is to hunt people down who have books or criminals.

10) The society considers Clarisse as anti-social because she is anti-social. In school, she refuses to interact at school socially because she believes what they teach is useless and intended only for mind control.

11) The women lit the match because she didn't want to heave her books. They were hers and it was no use because her books were dead and she wanted to be dead with them.

12) The relationship of Montag and Mildred is fake love. They don't really love each other and they are also not happy with each other. In fact, they both can't remember where they went for their honeymoon.

13) The purpose Beatty's visit is to lecture Montag on how he should stop and not waste time on being curious about books. Beatty reminds Montag on why firefighters do what they do.

14) I don't have time to answer this question yet. I'll come back to it later.

15) Montag feels fat because of he feels all the new knowledge of and interest in books he has gained feels like a burden to him. This burden makes him feel uncomfortable in his body and affects him physically.


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

My College Fair experience

The college fair made me realize how time is really fast approaching. UGH! The stress! Anyways, we got inside the gym and was seated on the bleachers to see a quick power point. It was pretty cool I guess, I mean they mentioned about type of degrees for CC, CSU, UC, blah blah etc. After the power point was finished, we were all set to go to learn and ask questions from these booths. May I just say, it was hella crowded! You have to understand that there were 40 colleges here and probably around 180 students in the gym, so there would be lines on each booth. I asked questions such as, What are your top majors in this school? How is the social life there? and all that type of shiz. 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

What I see in Literature? (Unfinished)

Some examples of imagery about Gatsby my group and I thought of is when the author talks about Gatsby's parties. We were talking about how we could easily imagine all kinds of people there, the laughter, the smell of alcohol, and the sound of loud music by the orchestras. We also talked about how we could picture Gatsby reaching out at the green light standing at the end of the dock. We could imagine the color of the green light and the smell of the ocean. My group and I talked about how these examples that we came up of, kind of relates to the theme the american dream.Where people would want to have wealth because they think wealth will bring them hope and happiness. So when Gatsby reaches out for the green light, we thought that Gatsby is reaching out to hope for a happy future. Prufrock was a little difficult since, we had a hard time understanding the poem. So we googled it. The last paragraph that we read together at the end of the class, my group and I agreed we could easily picture when the author talks about mermaids and women talking about Micheal Angelo. This imagery relates to how Prufrock spends his life appreciating beauty from afar and never really reaching out touch the women and the things he desires.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Are movies better than the books?

Some people may say that reading the book is much better than watching the movie, and I somewhat agree. The book gives you more details and draws you in, but sometimes reading the book can be a little bit boring. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that watching the movie is better than reading the book, it's just that people prefer the movie because of visual appeal. People watch movies to see action, listening to sound effects, and watching the cute characters on screen (,,,,,,hehe guilty),but sometimes when you read the book and watch the movie, you get disappointed. Why? It's because when you're reading the book you're already imagining what you think it should be. So while watching the movie we say "That's not how I pictured it!".

Friday, February 17, 2017

Gatsby Chapter 7 Notes

  • Gatsby fires his servants because he doesn't want servants who will gossip about how Daisy comes over
  • The characters of the book complain about how the weather is HOT
  • Gatsby, Nick, and Jhordan gets lunch and Daisy's and Tom's place
  • They all go out of town together, Tom, Jhordan, and Nick rides together in Gatsby's car while Daisy and Gatsby rides together in Tom's car
  • Tom and them stops by Wilson's Garage for gas and Wilson talks about how he wants money so that he and Myrtle can go out.
  • Myrtle thinks that Jhordan is "Daisy" and gets jealous
  • Tom and Gatsby gets into an argument which causes the tension in the room to be awkward.
  • Gatsby snaps and tells Tom that Daisy never loved him.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Gatsby Chapter 6 Notes

  • Nick figures out Gatsby's backstory and turns out, he was lying about coming from a wealthy family.
  • Gatsby comes from a really poor family and worked as an assistant in a yacht
  • Weeks later, Tom and Daisy arrives at Gatsby's party
  • Because of Tom disliking Gatsby, he watches out for Daisy
  • Daisy gets upset at Tom because Tom said that Gatsby's fortune comes from bootlegging
  • After the party ended, Gatsby is upset that Daisy had an unpleasant time at the party
  • Gatsby believes that you CAN repeat the past